National Olympic Stadium «Dynamo»


National Olympic Stadium "Dynamo" - a modern multifunctional sports arena, the main sports stadium of the Republic of Belarus, located in the center of the country's capital - the city of Minsk.

For the first time, the Dynamo stadium was opened on June 12, 1934. At that time, the maximum capacity of the arena was only 10 thousand people. Three years later, the first reconstruction took place. Unfortunately, during the Great Patriotic War the stadium was almost completely bombed. After restoration, which lasted 6 years, the arena's capacity increased to 35 thousand seats.

The second tier of the stadium was built specifically for the 1980 Olympics. Halls for sports games, wrestling, boxing, special rooms for doping control and the press were also equipped, and commentary booths appeared. The arena's capacity was now 50,050 people. In 2012, a large-scale reconstruction of the stadium began. Initially, the completion of the work was planned for 2014, but the delivery date was postponed several times. The discovery happened only in 2018. The stadium has acquired a new modern roof, which covers more than 75% of the spectator seats. The lighting system was modernized and modern LED devices were installed. Also, after reconstruction, the stadium became equipped for people with disabilities. Conference rooms, offices and other functional spaces appeared.

In October 2018, the arena received the highest fourth category of UEFA, as well as a Certificate of the World Athletics Association of the first category.