FC Pyunik


"Pyunik" (from arm. It is an Armenian professional football club based in the city of Yerevan. Founded in 1992, this club is called "Phoenix" in Russian.

Pyunik is the most respected and successful football team in Armenia. They became national champions 15 times, won the Armenian Cup 8 times and won the Armenian Super Cup 9 times. The history of the club began in 1992, when it was established. Initially, it was known as AOSS, which means "Omenetmen" (Հոմենտմեն Երևան) in honor of the Armenian General Sports Union and the Armenian Scout Movement.

The key moment in the club's history is connected with the first Armenian Championship in 1992, which Pyunik (then AOSS) won, becoming the champion. In 1995, the club changed its name to Pyunik, but in 1999 it was temporarily dissolved. In 2001, he was revived on the basis of "Armenicum", a newcomer to the Premier League.

"Armenicum" was founded in early 2000 with the support of the legend of "Ararat" - Khoren Oganesyan. In 2000, the club made its debut in the Armenian First League and, after a tense struggle with Karabakh, managed to take first place and advance to the Premier League.

An important figure in the history of "Armenicum" was Vadim Kagramanov, who scored 17 goals while playing for the club. He spent the first round of the championship as a member of "Armenicum", but then moved to "Dynamo" -2, leaving behind 13 goals scored.